Due to shortage of meat, we will not be filling orders until further notice


Package #1 - $150

5lbs. Assorted Pork Chops

5lbs. Chicken Breast

5lbs. Chuck Roll Roast

5lbs. Stew Beef

5lbs. Leg Quarters

5lbs. Hamburger

5lbs. Pork Roast

Package #2 - $139.09

4lbs. T-Bone Steak

4lbs. Chicken Cutlets

4lbs. London Broil

4lbs. Blade Meat

4lbs. Beef Top Round

4lbs. Teres Major

Package #3 - $132

10lbs. Chicken Wings

5lbs. Leg Quarters

5lbs. Pork Ribs

5lbs. Hamburger

5lbs. Cube Steak

5lbs. Marinated Pork Butt

Package #4 - $98.35

3lbs. Ribeye Steak

3lbs. Chicken Wings

3lbs. 80% Lean Hamburger

3lbs. Beef Stew Meat

3lbs. Top Round

Package #5 - $148

4lbs. Shish Kabob

4lbs. Pork Steaks

4lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

4lbs. Pot Roast

4lbs. Top Sirloin Steak

4lbs. American Cheese

4lbs. Lean Hamburger

4lbs. Round Roast

Package #6 - $141.85

5 Black Angus Sirloin

3lbs. Bacon Burger Patties

5lbs. Beef Kabobs

5lbs. Chicken Wings

5lbs. Baby Back Ribs

5lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

2lbs. Homemade Liguica

Package #7 - $124.99

4 Delmonico Steaks

4lbs. Roast Pork Loin

2lbs. Slab Bacon

4lbs. Chuck Roast

3 Whole Chickens

4lbs. Pork Chops

2lbs. Hamburger

Package #8 - $114

3lbs. Teres Major

3lbs. Chicken Leg Quarters

3lbs. Chicken Breast

3lbs. Chicken Wings

3lbs. Hamburger

3lbs. London Broil

3lbs. Chuck Roll

3lbs. Beef Top Round

Package #9 - 96.99

2lbs. Beef Shank

2lbs. Beef Stew Meat

2lbs. Pork Steaks

2lbs. Baby Back Ribs

2lbs. Chicken Wings

2lbs. Hamburger

2lbs. Chicken Cutlets

2lbs. Roast Beef

2lbs. Hot Dogs

Package #10 - $130.46

4lbs. Pork Chops

6lbs. Beef Roast

6lbs. Hamburger

10lbs. Chicken Thighs

4lbs. Beef Stew

4lbs. Chicken Breast

Package #11 - $124.50

5lbs. Top Round

4lbs. Prime Rib

4lbs. Chicken Breast

4lbs. Lean Hamburger

4lbs. Pork Sirloin

Package #12 - $120

4lbs. Shaved Steak

3lbs. Top Sirloin

3lbs. Bacon Burgers

4lbs. Center Cut Pork Chops

5lbs. Chicken Wings

5lbs. Pork Square Ribs

1 pkg Hot Dogs